Cera di Cupra is a historic brand launched in 1957 thanks to the insight of Dr. Nicola Ciccarelli. The pharmacist from Cupra Marittima in Italy was able to observe the exceptional qualities of the Fragrant wax the bees guard in their impenetrable hives.

Beeswax brings properties that are difficult to obtain from other ingredients. Adding other, also strictly natural substances, Dr Ciccarelli created a remarkable cream that she named Cera di Cupra. "Cera" meaning beeswax in Italian, and "Cupra" like the name of the founder's native town, but also the name of a beautiful divinity, the goddess Cupra. Today, Cera di Cupra is a complete line of products for face and body, capable of ensuring the level of quality, reliability and naturalness that the skin needs in order to stay young-looking and beautiful at any age!

Cera di Cupra is the best seller in Italy; the product is also distributed all over Europe as well as America and Asia. The pharmaceutical tradition of all products included in this line together with constant research and innovation, satisfies consumer needs, more and more particularly and specifically in the face cleansing segment, keeping the commitment to offer an excellent product at an affordable price.

Its characteristic ingredient is beeswax, which has important, natural anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties, which assures protection and nourishment and therefore prevent the signs of time. This substance does not penetrate the skin but forms an invisible film over it, with sebum-restoring and nutritive properties , which reinforce the skin's natural defences. It has been used in medicine and cosmetics since time immemorial and it neither irritates nor sensitises the skin.

Centuries of experience confirm that is absolutely harmless. The unique and inimitable formula of this "recipe for beauty" is still the original one, with its well-known versions: Rosa, particularly nutritious and suitable for dry skin, and Bianca, suitable for normal or oily skin.